DOUADI Automotive is the trusted partner of the largest automotive OEM brands and distributors in Algeria.
Professional of automotive aftermarket since 2007.

DOUADI Automotive was founded in the 2000s with a vision to become an importer and distributor of reference in Algeria, search trusted partner of the largest automotive brands.
Since its foundation, medications things have sided with the Douadi strategy, information pills which has seen a continuous development of its business.
DOUADI Automotive is headquartered in Batna, which are located their warehouses of over 8000m² either business services.
Proposition: Douadi Automotive HQ is located in BATNA, with over 8000 m² including warehouses as well as administrative facilities.

Douadi Automotive products are selected to meet the needs of professionals.
With no choice but quality, our products range meets the expectations of our customers.
The ranges are updated continuously to respond to the development and expectations of the Algerian fleet.
The market benefits then with technical improvements and original equipments.

Recognizing the high level of service required by modern distribution, Douadi Automotive Company integrates all logistics flows. Such a policy, based on customer service, requires strict organization: database management, immediate ordering process, available stock and prompt shipments.


A well-structured organization of sales, multiple participations in trade shows, national advertising campaigns, sales tools, complete catalogs and promotional actions contribute to boost the performance of our business functions.


The quality of our products and services reflects the will of the Douadi Automotive team forward ... a guarantee of efficiency!